I was a bit skeptical at first because of their low rates but decided to try Sin City Wax and Lash Bar anyway. The person who worked on me, Mari, was very good. This was my first waxing experience and I have very sensitive skin so I was worried and didn't' know what to expect . Mari was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. My skin wasn't irritated afterwards and I'm convinced waxing is much better than shaving.
Diana C.
Las Vegas, NV
Mari is wonderful at her job and makes the experience fun and fast. It's a joy to see her and experience her upbeat attitude. Anyone needing waxing should go to Mari. She works quickly and makes the visit fun.
Diane B.
Las Vegas, NV
I had severe adult acne before I started seeing Chiara. Ive been seeing her for about 6 months now and my skin looks absolutely amazing. I cant believe the difference! I look forward to my appointment every month!!
Lara P.
Las Vegas, NV
Sin City Wax and Lash Bar is the ultimate experience for anyone who has lash extension services. I have tried many lash technicians in Las Vegas and this is the most professional and courteous service I could expect. The lash technician Mari Lifieri is at the top of her craft and very knowledgeable regarding these extensions. I do have a testimonial that can't be challenged. My husband passed away at the end of September and Mary had just done extensions for me and mixed in a little color too to brighten up my world. I know I cried a thousand tears in the month my husband was in the hospital and have cried and will cry a million more tears since his passing and my lashes are still there !!! I highly reccomend this service to anyone who hasn't tried this and once you see the beautiful difference you will be hooked. It's like having makeup on your eyes to make them pop 24/7. I'm looking forward to my next visit and mixing in the colors again. Mari used a combination of blue and purple along with the regular extensions and they are just beautiful. Subtle yet amazing.
Brenda R.
Las Vegas, NV
I went to Mari to have lash extentions done & she was GREAT! I absolutely loved her, she knew what she was doing & knew all the history behind it. I was really nervous, so I went it for a consultation at first so I knew what I was getting myself into. I ended up getting them done in the same day! She is such a fun person & her personality its great! I cant wait to see her again for my fills! Thank you so much Mari
Valerie B.
Las Vegas, NV
Mari is amazing. She is really sweet, professional, and her lashes last forever. She is super knowledgeable about EVERYTHING, and I've come to look forward to our sessions like a meeting with a friend!
Rachel R.
Henderson, NV
Had my lashes done by Lehua and thought she did a fantastic job!! They looked so natural and pretty! She is the sweetest person you could ever meet also! I would definitely recommend going to Lehua if you want to get an eye lashes done!
Gaola T.
Stockton, CA
Mari is so great at these lashes! She takes her time and the end results are amazing! She so talented, also the glue she uses, my lashes last more than a month! Thanks Mari!
Courtney R.
Las Vegas, NV
I never visit Las Vegas without a trip to Sin City Lash Bar to have Mari give me a set of lash extensions. She is dedicated to her job and I am never disappointed. I've also had her wax my eyebrows - it's as painless as it gets. The salon is clean and professional, and I never have an issue getting an appointment if I let Mari know in advance when I'm planning my trip. She is booked almost every hour of every day, so I make my appointments well in advance. Mari is caring and always willing to try something different on my lashes. I won't let anyone else do my lashes - and (don't tell my husband) I sometimes make special trips to Vegas just to see Mari and have my lashes done!
Kelly G.
Springfield, MO
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE GIRLS! I go in looking and feeling so horrible and self conscious and walk out fresh face and full lashes. I cant wait to see them again next month!
Samantha F.
Las Vegas, NV
OMG got my lashes done at other places in Vegas and Sin City Lash & Body Bar by far was the best place I've been too. I'm recommending all my friends visit this wonderful spot in Vegas. Thnx again for fitting me in Mari!!
Selena O.
Las Vegas, NV
Sin City Lash & Body Bar is the Best in the Las Vegas Area! They believe in lash, body and face care, I love them and we never go anywhere else. Thank you, Erikka
Erikka Valentine
Las Vegas, NV
I saw Chiara and Mari. Chaira did my facial. This was my first facial ever and I have to say it was amazing! My skin feels so much better. Mari saw me the next day and did my brazillian, I have never been more comfortable getting this done then with Mari. I have made Sin City Wax and Lash Bar my new place to get all my girly things done! Thank you Mari ad Chiara!!!! 🙂
Melissa H.
Las Vegas, NV
I feel better sans any make up because of the work that Chiara does when I get her Microdermabrasion/Pumpkin enzyme facial. My oil production and dryness on my face has completely evened out and my hyperpigmentation is a thing of the past!!
Linda T.
Las Vegas, NV

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