The Business

Sin City Lashes & Body Bar is one of the few companies in Las Vegas that has been certified and approved as a Yon-ka Signature Spa. Chiara Gironda specializes in utilizing The Yon-Ka® Paris collection and offers a unique luxury skincare experience that consists of a synergy of aesthetic aromatherapy, phyto-therapy, fruit therapy and marine therapy. A fifth therapy—phyto-biological—completes the line. Mari, owner of Sin City Lashes, has developed specific protocol for Anti-Aging, Acne (both Adult and Teen), as well as a new Men’s Facial and Back Treatment procedures. She is also certified in Chemical Peels which help reduce dark pigmentation that develops from over exposure to the sun -– a major concern here in the Las Vegas area.

Originating in New York City, this mother-and-daughter team understand the importance of their client’s hectic daily lives. Therefore, they see clients according to their client’s schedule. Spa treatments are always available 7 days a week, and morning, afternoon and evening appointments are offered from 9AM through 9 PM. Additional hours are scheduled if necessary.

Meet Mari

Mari is known as the “Lash Diva” here in the Vegas area. Well known for her restorative work on women who have had extensive damage from lashes improperly applied, as well as for women who have to deal with thinning or sparse lashes, she creates Flirty and Fabulous from Baby Fine and Sparse. Mari takes the natural lashes from plain to colorful Vegas Sunsets — or Siberian Tiger effects — in less than 2 hours. Sin City Lashes utilizes Faux mink lashes that have been developed specifically for Sin City Lashes; size, type and volume depends on the individual clients needs. There are also plenty of fun options to add on to your lash service, ranging from colored lashes, glitter lashes, the application of tiny gold & silver balls, or Swavorski Crystals.

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