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Welcome to the exciting world of Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions.

For years Women have strived to have longer, thicker and more luxurious eyelashes. Finally the time has come where all of that is possible. While you can opt to use water-soluble mascara in addition to you new lash extensions, it is usually not necessary. You will be thrilled that you can now just bounce out of bed, use a little liner, shadow and go. No more smearing, flaking or running mascara to worry about. You can wake up in the morning, simply brush your lashes and get your day started.



  • What are eyelash extensions?
    Eyelash Extensions are individual synthetic or authentic mink lashes. They are individually attached to your eyelashes approximately 1mm away from your eyelid. It’s a service that requires training, skill and precision. If lash extensions are applied correctly it should be difficult to notice that they are not your own natural lashes. The best part is you don’t need to use mascara while wearing them. They are practically weightless and come in many different lengths, diameters and curl options.
  • Can extensions damage my natural lashes?
    If your Lash Artist or Lash Extensionist is not properly trained and/or certified it is possible that your lashes can become damaged, and seem thinner and sparse. The Eyelash Extension results depend on the skill of your Artist, the quality of products used and the original condition of your eyelashes. There are many people who call themselves Eyelash Extension specialists or Lash Artists who have no formal training, much less are certified. Make sure your Lash Artist/Extensionist has been trained, certified and actually does Lash Extensions full time. If they don’t lash all day – they don’t lash! Ask for before/after photos of actual clients of their own. Ask to see their certification. Ask to see their cosmetologist or aesthetician license.
  • How long do the extensions last?
    It is totally an individual process. The Lashes will stay on your lashes for your remaining natural lash life; A normal lash growth/shed cycle is 30-90 days. Most people shed natural lashes at a rate of 1-2 lashes, per day, per eye. We also grow a new lash to replace the one that fell out. These Lashes can stay on up to 60 days with proper care and forever with monthly maintenance. However, general after care will affect how long the lashes last.
  • How much does it cost?
    For new clients: to start with a full eyelash extension set, typical qualified lash pros charge between $150 – $400. It depends on whether you are having faux mink, Authentic Mink, Color, Crystals, Glitter etc. applied. However, our fills are different than all others. You will receive a new set of lashes every time you come in for a fill. We are all about maintaining the integrity and health of your natural lashes. Our clients love that keeping their lash extensions doesn’t break the bank or their natural lashes.
  • Who wears eyelash extensions?
    Anyone who wants to. Professional women, Brides, Soccer Moms, Mature Ladies – whoever values their time getting ready and wants to look great all day and all nighrt long, without the worry of mascara.
  • Do I need to wear mascara with my extensions?
    Eyelash Extensions will make your natural lashes look dark and luscious, so mascara is not necessary. We do carry a specialty mascara for those occasions when you really need to have a more dramatic look for the evening. It is water soluble and is normally worn on the outer half of the lashes.
  • Can the extensions be removed?
    Yes, we can remove your extensions for you whenever you would like to take them off. One of our Lash Artists will assist you in the process. Please do not try to remove them yourself. You may cause damage to your own natural lashes.
  • What I should do before I get my extensions applied?
    1. Please do not wear any eye makeup to your appointment. 2. Remove contact lenses, or bring a lens case and remove them when you arrive at your appointment. 3. Plan to be with us for 2 hours for your full set appointment & 1 1/2 hour for your fill appointment.
  • How do I take care of my extensions?
    1. Do not get your lashes wet for 8-10 hours. The adhesive used to attach your extensions will be dried, but not cured. No steam baths or hot tubs for 48 hours. 2. Do not rub or pull on your lashes. It may remove your natural lashes. 3. Only use makeup removers that are oil and alcohol free. 4. Avoid allowing the water from shower to spray directly on your lashes. 5. Do not use an eyelash curler. This may break your natural lashes off and dislodge the extensions. 6. Do not pull on your lash extensions, it may take out your own natural lash as well.
  • What should I do when I notice lashes are missing?
    We generally make appointments for our clients every 2-3 weeks for fills. Most clients can go 3-4 weeks for a fill depending on the natural growth cycle of their lashes.

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